Conditions for booking of archipelago vehicle 2020

Residents and companies in the Åland archipelago municipalities (Vårdö, Brändö, Kumlinge, Sottunga, Föglö and Kökar) are authorized to a number of car reservations onboard, the so-called archipelago reservations. Reservations for archipelago vehicles are available when the departure is fully booked.  Archipelago reservations are charged from end harbour.

Archipelago reservations are valid for vehicles with a maximum height of 2,1 m, maximum length 4,5 m and maximum width 2 m. Vans are booked when possible. Reservations can be made from 72 to 1 h before departure. Reservations shall be cancelled 3 h before departure. Reservations that are cancelled later than 3 hours before departure will be invoiced 20 euro fee. No-show means that the customer has not cancelled their vehicle at all and the customer will be invoiced 40 euro fee. 

Northern line Åva-Osnäs v.v.:
(M/S Viggen) low- och midseason 2 cars, highseason 4 cars

Northern line Hummelvik-Enklinge-Kumlinge-Lappo-Torsholma v.v.:
(M/S Alfågeln) low-, mid- och highseason 5 cars

Northern line Torsholma-Lappo-Asterholma-Kumlinge-Enklinge v.v.:
(M/S Ejdern) low-, mid- och highseason 2 cars

Cross line Långnäs-Överö-Snäckö v.v.:
(M/S Odin) low-, mid- och highseason 2 cars

Southern line Långnäs-Sottunga-Kökar v.v.:
(M/S Skiftet) low-, mid- och highseason 4 cars
(M/S Gudingen) low- och midseason 4 cars (4 cars at fuel transportation)
(M/S Knipan) highseason 4 cars

Southern line Kökar-Galtby v.v.:
(M/S Skiftet) low- och midseason 2 cars
(M/S Gudingen) highseason 2 cars

Archipelago reservations are not available at fuel transportations except for M/S Gudingen on the Southern line.

ÅLR 2019/8400