Conditions for booking for archipelago cars 2018

Residents in the Åland archipelago municipalities are authorized to a number of car reservations onboard, the so-called archipelago reservations. Archipelago reservations are valid for low vehicles with a maximum height of 1,8 m, maximum length 4,5 m and maximum width 2 m, but vans can also be booked in case there is space. The archipelago reservations are not available in our booking system and therefore can only be booked by contacting the respective ferry.

(M/S Viggen) low- and mid-season 2 places, high season 4 places
(M/S Alfågeln) low-, mid- and high season 10 places for the morning and evening departures, 5 places for the day departures
(M/S Knipan) low- and mid-season 2 places
(M/S Ejdern) high season 4 places
(M/S Gudingen, M/S Skiftet) low- and mid-season 4 places, high season 5 places
(M/S Ejdern) low- and mid-season 4 places
(M/S Knipan) high season 4 places
(M/S Gudingen, M/S Skiftet) low- and mid-season 2 places, high season 4 places
(M/S Odin) low-, mid- and high season 2 places

  • The archipelago reservations can be booked 72 hours to 15 minutes prior to the departure from the start harbour to the ferry officers and be cancelled at the latest 30 minutes before the departure directly to the ferry’s officers.
  • No archipelago reservations are available for fuel transportations except for M/S Gudingen on the southern line
  • Double bookings are not allowed. If a double booking is detected the booking on the most booked departure is erased and the customer is notified. After 3 detected double bookings an archipelago resident is denied booking for 1 month.
  • If an archipelago reservation has not been cancelled the person responsible is denied booking for 1 month after 3 detected no-shows.
  • See also ”General booking conditions” and ”General conditions for changes/cancellations”.