Conditions for online booking 2017

  • Private customers are registered via the website and they obtain a customer number with personal login codes and passwords. Obligatory information for customer registration includes name, address, telephone and mobile phone numbers, e-mail, car registration number and alternative registration number. For more information, see Registration information.
  • Only customer numbers with AT-***** will be accepted. For more information, see "Passenger registration".
  • The valid conditions for booking/changing and cancellation must be accepted by the customer before booking online.
  • All vehicle types can be booked online apart from archipelago vehicles (so-called archipelago reservations), vehicles for transit travel, vehicles for goods and fuel transports and buses.
  • Online bookings with prepaid regular-priced tickets obtain a discount of 10 %. 
  • Vehicle reservations can be changed/cancelled online or at Ålandstrafiken during office hours 6 hours before the ferry departure from the departure harbour in order to gain a refund of the prepaid ticket, except a handling fee of 5 Euro. To obtain a refund the obligatory customer information has to be completed with a bank account number (IBAN and BIC) and personal identity number.
  • Vehicles with red season ticket (residents in the Åland archipelago municipalities) shall change/cancel reservations 2 hours before departure.
  • See also ”General booking conditions” and ”General conditions for changes/cancellations”.