Conditions for transit trip bookings 2018

  • Bookings for transit trips from one end harbour to another end harbour cannot be made online. A valid transit trip booking can only be made to Ålandstrafiken.
  • Vehicles can mainly be booked for trips to/from intermediate harbours, but trips from one end harbour to another can be made when passengers have one overnight stay in an intermediate harbour. 
  • Transit trips, i.e. vehicle reservations for a transit trip to/from main island Åland and mainland of Finland during the same day and without an overnight stay in the archipelago are paid for in accordance to TRANSIT FARES.
  • Åland associations can obtain a booking right and a discount of 50% on transit fares (not during the high season 18/6-12/8 2018), if the reservation is made by an authorized person of the association.
  • The number of transit ferry bookings is limited to 3 places, and only for low passenger cars (max. height 1.8 m). 
  • Transit fare bookings are allowed on all departures on Northern Line and Southern Line apart from the following departures:
  1. Friday at 18:15 Hummelvik>Torsholma, and at 21:25 Åva>Osnäs
  2. Friday at 16:00 Långnäs>Galtby
  3. Sunday at 12:20 Osnäs>Åva, and at 13:30 Torsholma>Hummelvik
  4. Sundays at 15:10 Osnäs>Åva, and at 16:30 Torsholma>Hummelvik
  5. Sunday at 18:00 Osnäs>Åva, and at 19:30 Torsholma>Hummelvik
  6. Sunday at 15:15 Galtby>Långnäs
  • See also ”General booking conditions” and ”General conditions for changes/cancellations”.