Conditions for transit trip booking 2020

  • Valid transit trip booking/amendment/cancellation without booking right according to transit fares can only be made to Ålandstrafiken. 
  • Bookings for transit trips from one end harbor to another end harbor is not allowed online, which is clearly stated at login to the online booking.
  • The number of transit trip bookings are limited to 13,5 m and are only for vehicles without trailer (moped, MC, 4-wheeled moped car, car, van, N2 and camper). Other vehicles need to apply for booking right for transit trips. 
  • Åland associations can obtain booking right for all types of vehicles and a discount of 50% on transit fares (not during high season 15/6-9/8 2020), when the reservation is made by an authorized person of the association. 
  • Invalid transit bookings made online, which means booked end harbour-end harbour trip in the same day (eg that part routes are booked on separate booking numbers), will be charged extra for Transit.

Transit trip bookings are allowed on all departures on the Northern and Southern line from end harbour-end harbour within the same day, apart from the following departures: (Highseason=H);

Friday at 16:00 Långnäs-Galtby (H 16:00 Långnäs-Kökar, 18:50 Kökar-Galtby)

Sunday at 11:05 and 16:35 (H 12:45 and 18:35) Osnäs-Åva

Sunday at 12:25 and 18:15 (H 14:15 and 20:00) Torsholma-Hummelvik

Sunday at 15:15 Galtby-Långnäs (H 15:30 Galtby-Kökar, 18:45 Kökar-Långnäs)