Conditions for transit trip booking 2021

  • Transit trip bookings can not be booked online, please contact Ålandstrafiken.
  • Car reservation for transit trips (Aland mail Island – Finland vv): Bookings can be made to Ålandstrafiken’s office for all departures on the Northern and Southern line, apart from the following departures:
  1. Friday (w. 1–23 and 34–52): at 16:00 Långnäs–Galtby.
  2. Friday (w. 24–33): at 16:00 Långnäs–Kökar, at 18:50 Kökar–Galtby.
  3. Sunday (w. 1–23 and 34–52): at 11:05 and at 16:35 Osnäs–Åva, at 12:25 and at 18:15 Torsholma–Hummelvik, at 15:15 Galtby–Långnäs.
  4. Sunday (w. 24–33): at 12:45 and at 18:35 Osnäs–Åva, at 14:15 and at 20:00 Torsholma–Hummelvik, at 15:30 Galby–Kökar, at 18:45 Kökar–Långnäs. 
  • The number of transit ferry bookings is limited to 3 (13,5 m) and only for “lighter” vehicles without trailer.
  • For booked trips between two end harbours, the ticket is bought when embarking the first ferry. 
  • Booked vehicles travelling directly to Åland main island, Vårdö or mainland of Finland without one overnight stay in the archipelago always pay in accordance to transit fares. Only exemption to pay transit fares is granted right to book end harbour – end harbour to archipelago fares.
  • Special rule for Hummelvik/Vårdö; Mopeds, motorcycles, cars and buses travel according to archipelago fares when travelling Osnäs > Hummelvik if booking confirmation from an accommodation establishment in Vårdö is sent to Ålandstrafiken´s office and for travel in the opposite direction Hummelvik > Osnäs if receipt for overnight stay from an accommodation establishment in Vårdö last night has been sent to Ålandstrafiken´s office.