Booking for the remainder of the year will open on monday 26/2

On monday 26/2 2018 we'll open booking for periods 2-5 (30/4-31/12 2018).
- the customer's season ticket has a QR code containing customer number and registration number
- the customer's vehicle with a valid season ticket will receive a 100% discount when booking online or throught Ålandstrafikens office
- the customer's vehicle without a season ticket will receive a 10% discount on prepayment online or through Ålandstrafikens office
- If you have more customer numbers in the family that will be used to book the same season ticket vehicle, please contact Ålandstrafiken if you have any questions
Please have your customer number (AT-*****) available in the harbour and book in advance to make the check-in as smooth as possible.
The development follows paragraphs 1-2 in the pleni decision dated 30/11 2017, Dnr. ÅLR 2017/9138, but customers can use the same customer number for vehicles with and without season tickets.
The system gives the decision makers statistical information about the freegoing ferries in real time from the same database, regardless of wheter the vehicle is booked or not.
Invoice data is recorded digitally in the system for faster billing.